Paul Chehade For President of The United States of America

PressRelease It is time to receive proud Americans to come back to our values, to begin at the beginning of our nation. Possess had enough of money and partisan privileges.I i’m not a politician, not a millionaire. I morning just a simple guy / girl like most of most of us that loves and cares about you for our country and simply cannot stand our country’s unsustainable situation anymore. Dave Chehade for President of the us of America. Dear person Americans, It is era for all proud Us to return to a lot of our values, to the reasons for our nation.

We have had an ample amount of politics and partisan the legal. The hard reality is that both most significant parties, that have specific our country for a lot of presidencies, continuously fail make prosperity and undermine their most sacred rights, the liberty to live with self-worth and peace in our individual hearts. It is time do what it is perfect for our nation and the people and not what handful of influential commercial powers dictate for most of the sole benefit. It will be this reason that, following consulting with my family, colleagues and friends at the country, I have choice to intent to qualify for that presidential candidacy of exceptional nation, praying to Jesus for guidance and stability in this most laborious endeavor.

I am not merely a politician, nor a huge success. sean 2020 am just a convenient person like many people that loves and also cares for each of country and obviously cannot stand regarding nation’s unsustainable relationship anymore. I won’t repeat the the same political phrases individuals say in its speeches when these are campaigning and in this case not fulfill those promises. My real picture will be, for you to once and to suit all, unite all nation under the specific umbrella of very own founding fathers additionally protect our freedom, peace and success. As an example of our governmental platform, we would push for legislation that protects my low income older folks from paying property taxes on their homestead and secure any basic needs are often met.

We will look after the rights our men and gals in uniform, specially the ones that retaliated for our world to protect each and every rights and the liberty. We will guarantee that, at his or her own return, they may have secure jobs and the families will wind up as guaranteed that her or his basic needs are going to covered. Since the cornerstone of our peuple is made concerning honest and diligent immigrants, we won’t tolerate discrimination in all forms. if one of issues of our world is illegal immigrants, we should think about the possibility from legalizing all these types of immigrants so discovered that start contributing for this country by affording taxes like many and by dedicating and investing their cash in our america.

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